Data & Analytics

D&A CoE Services

Transformation, which is inevitable, requires DATA and DATA requires Analytics. In order to get maximum value out of Data & Analytics, a data-oriented culture, consisting of people, organization, technology and processes, needs to be established. SabancıDx D&A CoE Services targets to enable this cultural change through a programmatic approach that consists of organizational awareness, use case implementation(s) & deployment(s) and continuous know-how transfer through in-class and on-the-job trainings.

Advanced Analytics Services (AAS)

Access to tremendous amount of data and increased computation power have paved the way to new analysis methods and approaches. SabancıDx AAS targets to enable organizations to bring the actionable gold nuggets hidden in the data to the light through Advanced Analytics and AI technologies. Moreover, deploying and executing the results play a key role to gain the business value.

Big Data Services

The development of the term “Big Data” indicates the volumetric development of data. Using the outputs of the data analyses quickly for tactical purposes will become inevitable and become a part of strategic planning in the long term. Big data platforms are critically important for high-quality, reliable and high-speed data processing. Therefore, the conventional databases with restrictions are transformed into “big data” platforms integrated with customers so that the data can be processed easily and quickly. SabancıDx creates big data platforms to centralize data and create data dictionaries. It offers solutions for data discovery, quality, deduplication, association, and security.

Cloud Data Services

The increased volume of data has caused an increase in data storage costs as well. Cloud solutions enable lower data storage costs and easier management of data. SabancıDx helps to benefit from the strategic speed brought by the cloud by providing the management of central data on cloud services.

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