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One Step “Ahead” in Competition

Advanced Data Analytics - Turning data into value and value into turnover.

The line between winning and losing is constantly growing thinner in today’s competitive environment. Now, succeeding in competitive market conditions is only possible by creative moves as well as timely and sound decisions. Particularly in the fast-changing markets and areas where profit margins get smaller, data provides a potential that will help businesses make the right decisions and achieve value-added innovations using equally fast-changing technology and analysis methods.

Advanced Data Analytics enables companies to have access to information and instruments they need to bring out this potential by ensuring integration between the statistics and the modern numerical calculations in order to create business value from high-volume data. To this end, SabancıDx helps companies prepare for the future.

Advanced Data Analytics

SabancıDx places science at the center of all its work and assumes the role of a game-changer in the world with its digital and analytical solutions.

The company aims to work on user-friendly analytic outputs, analytical modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence by creating a new value model and turning its outputs into insights that can be translated into action with SabancıDx experts.

While data is becoming an economic asset for companies today, making decisions without data is coming to an end.

Adopting an analytical perspective at a company enables corporate employees to approach company data from a 360-degree perspective. This results in the corporate culture turning into integrated actions which highlight more effective decisions for the company.

Analytics has become a decision mechanism today and companies’ data, analysis, and estimation requirements cause changes in the organizational culture.

Furthermore, the advances in technology, data visualization, 360-degree customer perspective, and advanced data analytical techniques provide a strategic and tactical advantage for companies and their stakeholders. Defining the analytical outputs and the business problem accurately and streamlining them becomes crucial for successful results.

1) Digital Solutions

“Digital” is more than information entry or new marketing channels. The entire Business Plan model – not only customer experience – has digital opportunities and threats; these may be included in the business model or have an impact on the business plan.

SabancıDx brings innovation to the companies’ business models by offering digital solutions.

Many information technology companies have better strategic planning and information technology in their own industry; however, as the world is rapidly becoming digitalized today, they need to support enterprises that have a digital business plan strategy. Today, many companies have little knowledge about the digital business strategy plan or do not know how to include such a business plan in their strategic planning processes.

Digital Transformation: The Internet of Things offers fast solutions to improve how we work. SabancıDx utilizes these solutions to expand companies’ data capacities and to offer them strategic and tactical solutions.

Business Model Consultancy: Companies need to transform their uni-directional business processes into multi-directional analytical business processes. SabancıDx improves its customers’ business processes with the support of analytical solutions.

2) Database / Big Data Solutions

The value of company data is defined with data quality, analysis, and association. Fast data processing and managing the data with integrated approaches for quick results is critical for creating strategic value.

SabancıDx creates a difference in the evolving data industry with lower costs and faster solutions.

Big Data Services: The development of the term “Big Data” indicates the volumetric development of data. Using the outputs of the data analyses quickly for tactical purposes will become inevitable and become a part of strategic planning in the long term. Big data platforms are critically important for high-quality, reliable and high-speed data processing. Therefore, the conventional databases with restrictions are transformed into “big data” platforms integrated with customers so that the data can be processed easily and quickly.

SabancıDx creates big data platforms to centralize data and create data dictionaries. It offers solutions for data discovery, quality, deduplication, association, and security.

Cloud Services: The increased volume of data has caused an increase in data storage costs as well. Cloud solutions enable lower data storage costs and easier management of data. SabancıDx helps to benefit from the strategic speed brought by the cloud by providing the management of central data on cloud services.

3) Advanced Data Analytics Solutions

Companies lay out a large analytical road map before them when they go through the processes from estimation to forecasting.

In order to increase analytical experience in light of the right analytical concepts, SabancıDx focuses on estimation modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Access to data and increased computer operation have paved the way to new analysis methods and approaches. The ability to use deep content analysis to understand unstructured and multi-dimensional data such as audio, photographs or video will bring changes in many sectors. Moreover, conventional analyses in supply chains such as optimization and marketing budgeting can be processed with advanced techniques. Also, machine learning enables more accurate results from behavioral matters such as credit risk, fraud detection or network security.

A company that lack of a road map with advanced data analysis is expected to have lower value management. There are two requirements for a successful implementation:

• In order to solve the problems in the real world, implementation of the models that achieve good results in the Data Science Labs • Automatization of these analyses and decisions that are limited by resources in the process.

4) Insight Solutions

SabancıDx is implemented in companies to offer data focused platforms and bring different companies under one roof. This enables companies to understand their data more easily which accelerates moving forward.

The need to meet business strategies such as uncovering a fraud risk or measuring performance gave rise to the emergence of analytics. The analysis also contributes to initiating or leading business strategy. Generating forecasts with an integrated perspective allows companies to re-define a customer’s position in the value chain.

Organizations face the need to turn their operational pace and data flow into continuous intelligence, handle the customer experience as a whole rather than as isolated transactions and identify correct factors for business performance.

Analysis is an interesting and relevant factor that reaches decision makers who lead the organization's vision and it is a very important opportunity for the analytical teams to prove their worth at the heart of companies.

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