Innovation is the key to continued success. Cooperation furthers innovation. 70% of startups that collaborate with companies whose experience they feel they can benefit from. Moreover, 90% of companies feel it necessary to work with new startups in the name of fostering innovation. It’s not easy make any collaboration flourish without immense effort and it is very important to be able to create exemplary success stories in the process.

Forming “Win-Win” Partnerships to Meet Objectives

Collaborations formed through well-organized processes open the world of opportunities for “Win-Win” partnerships to compaines and start-ups.

Our catalyst program allows companies to overhaul their organizational structure, and gives startups the chance to scale themselves using the infrastructure that their larger partners offer them.

Among Catalyst’s many advantages. You can:

  •   Benefit from our technical/technological know-how (over 40 years of IT experience)
  •   Embark on domestic and international projects with any one of our
  •   Participate in our many SabancıDx TechDays, meetups, hackathons!

How to apply:

Send us an e-mail and tell us all about your company, and what it does. Don’t forget to include your contact into.

Our Criteria.

  •   Have a clean commercial registry
  •   Want to reach out to corporate customers
  •   Want to create common values
  •   Number of Active Customers is > 5
  •   Yearly Turnover of > 1 Million TL

We’re here to help you.

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