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Innovation is the key to sustainable success and it accelerates with partnerships.

70% of ventures that cooperate with companies find their experience extremely useful. Additionally, 90% of companies state that it is essential to work with new ventures to encourage innovation.

Although it sounds great, successful partnerships are always difficult and it is important to create success stories.

Win-Win partnership to achieve goals

It is possible to achieve amazing results for both companies and entrepreneurs as long as a well-organized and structured process is adopted during the partnership. Companies may rebuild their organization structure and start-ups can be scaled using the infrastructure provided by the bigger partner.

SabancıDx Catalist Program offers;
• Technical/technological know-how support with 40+ years of IT experience
• Opportunity for local or international projects with Sabancı Holding affiliates

Your Solutions are Important for Us
• Join the catalist program for the opportunity to work together in organizations such as SabancıDx Tech Days, Meetups, Hackathon

How to Apply

Send an e-mail to catalist@sabancidx.com describing your organization and solutions. Do not forget to include your contact information; we will get back to you.


• Annual turnover > TRY 1 Million
• Number of Active Customers > 5
• Targeting Corporate Customers
• A Clean Commercial Track
• Ability to Create Common Values

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