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Being a Member of SabancıDx Family “Our family gets stronger with team spirit”

People at the heart of our success in shaping the future, team spirit at the heart of our power.

Core Values

Sincerity "We place sympathy, respect, and trust at the heart of our relationships with all our stakeholders; we do what we say and say what we do.”
Continuous Improvement: “With a positive interest that gets excited by innovation, we continuously question ourselves and the work we do. We learn from past experiences, grow with our vision of the future and lead change to be even better."
Courage: “We voice our opinions freely , take risks and never fear to make mistakes. We take initiative to assume responsibility and take action.”
Passion: “We believe in the work we do, we feel enthusiasm, excitement, and determination; we motivate our community with our energy .”
Involvement: “We create platforms that ensure the involvement of our stakeholders, we encourage them, we value different ideas and achieve maximum benefit with multiple partnerships.”


Characteristics of Our People

Valuing Diversity: We are a family that understands, recognizes and values diverse perspectives and cultures.
Resilient: We are a family that never gives up before challenges and obstacles and we always seek to be better.
Courageous: We are a family that is ready to face challenges, puts in the due effort, and says what is due.
Learning from Experience: We are a family that is eager to try new things, learns by experience, approaches success and failure as an opportunity for improvement.
Result-oriented: We are a family that can always achieve the desired results even under challenging conditions.
Action-oriented: We are a family that is ready for new opportunities and challenging situations with high energy, enthusiasm and a sense of urgency.
Cooperation: We are a family that establishes partnerships and works in collaboration with others to meet the common goals.

Characteristics of Our Leaders

Global Perspective, Long-Term Thinking: Our leaders are able to look at things from a broad and comprehensive perspective, they follow the trends of the future and think long term on issues.
Searching for What is New and Better: Our leaders take different, new methods and approaches into account; they create and implement better ways of doing work and aim for continuous improvement.
Managing Stakeholders in a Balanced Way: They can estimate needs proactively and ensure the right balance in actions to meet these needs.
Agile Decision Makers: Our leaders can make and implement the right decisions effectively and in a timely way, based on data which helps to take the organization further.
Creating Vision and Purpose: Our leaders can create the right vision, an effective purpose, and meaning and guide individuals and teams in that direction.
Creating Effective Teams: Our leaders establish powerful teams that bring together different styles, perspectives, and experiences in pursuit of a shared target.

HR Journey at SabancıDx

Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

SabancıDx’s recruitment process aims to hire innovative candidates who believe in team spirit, fit the corporate culture and who are focused on self-improvement.

The selection and placement process at SabancıDx involves finding and hiring the most suitable candidate for the corporate culture, company objectives and personal competencies required for the position. First, vacant positions are announced internally to receive candidate recommendations from employees. Later, a meeting is held with candidates in the recruitment process over the recruitment portal. The process of recruiting new employees for the organization includes a competency-based interview, technical interview, English language test, personality inventory implementation and reference checks followed by a job offer.

Candidate applications that are not suitable for the current position are stored to be evaluated for other positions after the interviews. All candidates are informed about the result of their job application.

How can I Apply to SabancıDx?
You can find the current vacant job announcements and job opportunities at SabancıDx on our website or LinkedIn page. You can send your general applications to calisandeneyimi@sabancidx.com.

How can I apply for an Internship at SabancıDx?
As SabancıDx, we offer the opportunity for an internship at the company in summer and fall every year for hardworking, dynamic and young individuals. The work experience during the internship programs constitutes an ideal step towards professional life.

Students who complete their internship at our company have the opportunity to put their academic knowledge into practice. Also, young people who have the chance to get to know our company and culture have the opportunity to improve the qualities they need to become a permanent member of the Sabancı family.

Interns who display a high performance during their internship are given priority consideration in recruitment periods and they are provided with a job opportunity in which they can improve their experience.

Performance System

Performance System

Our performance system includes defining job and development goals in line with our company strategies and goals, reviewing them and end-of-year evaluation stages which allow the active participation of all employees. The performance evaluation results also support our other Human Resources processes such as promotion, change of position, awards, compensation and development planning.



Our employees' professional and personal development is very important to us.

At SabancıDx, our employees are included in a training and development process in addition to an orientation program in their first week of employment. Our employees’ development plans are created according to the Performance Evaluation Process and 360° competence evaluation. They are supported by on-the-job/in-service training, rotation, online, and career training. Optional English learning support is also available.

Additionally, Leadership Development Programs are designed and implemented for our leaders.

Talent Management

Talent Management

Our Talent Management process is in place to provide the required professional knowledge, skills and development opportunities to our employees who have a high potential so that they are prepared for jobs that require more responsibilities.

We conduct an Evaluation of Potential every year to create a recruitment pool with high-potential/young talents. We also perform Organization Success Planning where succession plans are discussed, and employees are prepared for their next position if they are evaluated to have potential. This way, we aim to create horizontal and vertical opportunities within the company and the group companies. With this process, critical positions in our companies are filled effectively to ensure sustainable performance.

Ücretlendirme Politikası

Compensation Policy

• Our salary payments are implemented as 12 gross salary payments and 4 gross bonus payments for all of our employees.
• The salaries are reviewed in January every year after evaluating the Hay Group Job Evaluation Methodology, Annual Pay Research Reports, and employee performance results.
• We have a performance-based premium practice.

Yan Haklar ve Uygulamalar

Benefits and Implementations

• Private Health Insurance with 100% employer contribution
• In addition to automatic participation in BES (private pension plan), Private Pension Plan for qualified employees with employer contribution
• Life and Personal Accident Insurance with 100% employer contribution
• Shuttle Service
• Cafeteria Service
• Vehicle Allocation for certain positions
• Company Cell Phone and Corporate GSM Line
• Number of Annual Leave days over the legal annual leave limits
• “Deferred Advance Pay” to remedy financial difficulties in emergencies
• “Recommend Your Friend” to reward employees who recommend their close friends for career opportunities
• “Flexible Workplace” for all employees except those who are required to physically be present at work

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