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News about SabancıDx’s services, products, and corporate culture.


Data Driven Approach To Sustainability

“Data Driven Approach To Sustainability” was penned by SabancıDx in cooperation with the IDC. This study gives readers insight into the application and benefits of employing a data-driven approach to sustainability practices and initiatives.

Faces of the Future

We’ve joined forces with Women in Tech Organization (Wtech) and launched a project called “Faces of the Future”. We want to tap into the massive potential that Turkey’s women have to offer the world of IT and meet the demand for competent human resources in the technology sector.

Cyber Security Cluster

We – SabancıDx – are part of Turkey’s Cyber Security Cluster project. It aims to help anyone working in cyber security to hone their competitive edge and make their voice heard in the global market by benefiting from a well-trained labor force and domestic solutions.

Analytics in Business

The modern business world needs people who know what to do during times of crises and who have just the right combination of analytical (and other) skills in order to fuel innovation.

SabancıDx IDC Review

“The Current State of Cyber Security in Turkey” was penned by SabancıDx in cooperation with the IDC. This study gives readers insight into how the world of cyber security is evolving in the country.

DnA Awards

The DnA Awards have announced last year’s (2021) winning analytics projects!

My Work My Strength My Future (İGG)

We and TÜSİAD have teamed up to launch a new employment project, “My Work My Strength My Future”. We believe without a doubt that it will do wonders for Turkey’s future.

Cyber Security Turkey Platform

We’re delighted to take part in the Cyber Security Turkey Platform. Through it, we are able to teach various industries about the importance of cyber security, as well as both standardize new technology, and help startups become global brands.