Use without commitment, pay as you use.
Beyond robotic process automation...
Let your SabancıDx digital assistant handle your repetitive tasks. Let your team gain time, and your company gain speed!
Pay As You Go
Use without commitment, pay only as you use.
Lower Cost
Pay as you use, reduce your costs by up to 90%.
Faster Work
Complete repetitive tasks up to 10 times faster.
0% Margin of Error
Do the work 24/7, increase your productivity.
Can RPA digital assistant be used in your industry or department?
Together with our RPA experts, evaluate which processes you can accelerate.
Human Resources
Finance and Accounting
and more...
Explore the use cases of RPA digital assistants across hundreds of industries.
Which tasks you can automate to achieve this efficiency in your processes

SabancıDx Expertise

Our expert team listens to your processes and designs the flows that meet your needs.

Pay As You Go

Rent SabancıDx digital assistants without paying license costs.

Easy Installation

Our SabancıDx RPA team performs the installation for you.

No Code Required

Get started right now without writing a single code.
Our customers who automate their work with RPA digital assistant...
Nearly 70% workforce savings.
Accelerated their work up to 8 times.
Employees saved 200 hours of time per month.
Completed repetitive tasks with zero margin of error.

Our References

Faydasıçok Holding
The power of UiPath and BluePrism partnerships and world’s-leading ServiceNow infrastructure at SabancıDx RPA
Let your RPA digital assistant handle your time-consuming repetitive tasks.
Get things done faster, more accurately and at lower cost.
Our Service Models
Pay As You Go
Robot Monitoring

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