Software Quality and Testing Services

Strategy & Planning
Here, we outline our product’s test cycle to enhance the quality of the software for future stages. To accomplish this, we first devise testing plans around specific strategies. Once achieved, we then launch the test cycle.
Code Quality
Conducting code quality means us continuously checking and re-checking the source code on our app using static code analysis tools and track metrics. During this, we’ll monitor suitability within a framework of certain standards and correct erroneous code. This ultimately both enhances its quality and cuts down on technical-sourced debt.
Functional Testing
We’ll run the software/app through rigorous functional testing, either manually or automatically. This includes: UAT System, Regression, Integration, Unit Next, we write all of the code for all of our web and mobile apps – particularly code deemed necessary for automation testing.
Performance-Load and Visual Testing
We test all of our apps for non-functional performance and responsive design. This includes creating just the right environment conducive to testing, writing more code, and running various simulations.
Test Automation
Test Automation – as the name suggests – allows us to test all of our web and mobile-based apps for Service/API in an automated fashion. We also run automation scripts and share findings reports.
Continuous Quality-Testing
We run all of our DevOps and CI-CDs through rigorous quality control testing.
Enhancing App Performance
We continuously inspect all of our App Performance Monitoring (APM) tools and keep track of their metrics. Doing this allows us to identify possible glitches in the app in question’s performance, so that we can make improvements accordingly.

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