Experience Design
(UX / UI)

To design the right product, we pursue the real problem by understanding the purpose, objectives and scope of the project. At this stage, we organize brainstorming sessions and workshops by bringing together all the stakeholders of the project. By conducting target audience research, we conduct preliminary interviews to understand their needs and behaviors. We prioritize and group the insights we obtain.
We conduct user and equivalent product researches with various obtained or available data. For qualitative data such as observation, interview and content analysis, we examine industry trends, behavior reports, and users' current experiences. According to the needs, we use different methods such as ethnographic, netrographic, survey, interview. For quantitative data, we use data such as SEO and click-through analysis. By defining our user groups, we create personas and clarify for whom we will create solutions.
Generating Idea
We define the requirements of the product by defining the design problem to be solved according to the insight and data we collect during the survey work and analysis stages. According to the design thinking methodology, we first open up and generate dozens of different ideas independent of all borders, then work on them and turn them into realistic solutions. We perform user tests with the rapid prototypes we have developed, collect continuous feedback, and work over and over again to optimize the experience.
After determining the communication and visual language of the product, creating detailed design outputs, testing with users and reporting, we deliver the relevant screens to the software teams. We complete the project by creating a consistent, modern, simple and enjoyable experience.

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