App Development

As SabancıDx, our application development lifecycle is in accordance with the DevOps culture, and a continuous interaction is ensured throughout our application development lifecycle. Thanks to our DevOps culture, which is formed with indispensable steps in this culture, our conceptual principles are not compromised.
Agile Development
Iteration planning is done with the principle of Minimum Usable Product (MVP). Our teams consist of User Experience Designers, Interface Developers, Business Analysts, Service Developers, Quality Engineers and Mobile Application Developers.
Continuous Integration
All our projects go through Continuous Integration processes. Each developed line of code is passed through automation processes and transferred to development, test, simulation and live environments.
Continuous Delivery
Continuous delivery lies at the heart of how we submit our work. This allows us to everything in an automated fashion, fast, securely, and on time - no direct/human contact. Quality is everything.

Mobile Application Development

Whether it's a consumer-focused app or an enterprise transformation-focused solution, we offer a full cycle of app design, integration and management services, leading all mobile app development from idea and concept to delivery and ongoing support.

With our experienced team that offers innovative digital solutions for a wide range of customers from many sectors, from startups to businesses, we develop customized iOS and Android application cross-platform solutions, provide consultancy services to organizations which have their own teams, work for providing a value that meets the needs of the solution with prototypes and quality control tests.

Website Development

Websites are the face of individuals, businesses and companies on the internet. This is how a user who visits your website gets the first impression about your products, services and most importantly you. Thanks to a well-designed website, you can best reflect your corporate identity and reputation.

As SabancıDx, we offer website solutions tailored to your needs, without sacrificing ease of use and quality. By managing the development processes with agile methodologies, we receive continuous feedback. In this way, when the development process comes to an end, the requester does not encounter any surprises.
SEO Compatible Development
SEO, which is one of the effective methods of attracting followers, has gained a lot of importance especially today when digital platforms are increasing. In the solutions we offer, we ensure that websites are developed in accordance with SEO. In this way, we provide an advantage for your website to naturally rise to the top.
Responsive Design
Today, the importance that search engines give to mobile traffic and the high number of visitors from mobile devices appearing in website reports have made the Responsive Design approach an important issue. In our work, we offer the optimum design for the best viewing and understanding of the website on all devices and screen sizes.
During the website development process, the following services are also included in our portfolio:
  •   Technology Consulting,
  •   User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Consulting,
  •   Hosting Service
  •   Penetration Test (Pen-Test) Service

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