App Architecture

Consulting and Modernization Services

We work with stakeholders at every stage of the development process of the architectural structure. We analyze the functional needs and evaluate them from every angle and determine the requirements to be realized to achieve what should be done with the existing structure.

Design Services

With both a strategic and tactical perspective, we create the architectural solution to be developed by considering the features of system infrastructure, network, security, compliance with laws, operation and reliability. When creating an architectural solution;
Event Storming and Domain Driven Design
Using Event Storming and Domain-Driven Design methodologies, we determine the business needs and the features that the solution should have in line with these needs, and evaluate the technical feasibility of these features. In order to plan the IT resources of the solution more effectively, we determine the infrastructure resource requirements such as processing power, storage and network.
Proof-of-Concept Prototype
During the design phase of the solution, we develop Proof-of-Concept Prototypes, taking into account the business needs, and with the help of these, we identify more accurate technologies for the implementation phase. In this way, we also contribute to the establishment of an organization-wide tool and software standard.
End User Needs
We pay special attention to the needs of end users, who will be the final consumers of the solution. With our extensive technical knowledge, we find requirements that did not arise during the design phase of the product.

After the solution is implemented, we support teams in scaling, disaster recovery scenarios and operational excellence activities.
Techro (Techrospective) Events
We contribute to the management of technical debts, personal development and quality processes of the teams with the Techrospective events, which were realized for the first time within SabancıDx.

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