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About Us

Having accomplished major projects as well as many breakthroughs in its field and boasting over 40 years of experience in information technologies, BimSa is now moving forward with the name SabancıDx as of December 11, 2018. The company has added Advanced Data Analytics, Robotic Workforce and Cyber Security to its service portfolio and proceeds with a brand new vision, improved services and solutions, a new management structure, qualified human resources and the strength it receives from Sabancı Holding.

SabancıDx derives its name from the assurance of the Sabancı brand as well as “X”, i.e. the “unknown”, which reflects what has not yet been discovered and represents the future. The mission of SabancıDx - symbolizing the “Digital Factor” - is to become the digital factor of companies and unravel digital energy.

SabancıDx will assume an important role in the “Sabancı of New Generation” adopted by Sabancı Group and the company has set out with a vision to open to the world by writing the future of digitalization in Turkey. SabancıDx aims to accomplish important strategic partnerships by creating new values and technologies in the digitalized world.

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