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About Us

Operating with the vision of leading Turkey's digital transformation and globalization with the power of software, SabancıDx is a digital and analytics solution partner that undertakes the mission of carrying institutions to the future by producing sustainable benefits with innovative digital ideas.

SabancıDx, with its expert staff, meets all the needs of companies in their digital transformation journey with its consultancy and technology services as well as new generation technologies, such as Advanced Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Industrial IoT, Robotic Workforce and Artificial Intelligence, which break new ground in the digital field.

SabancıDx supports the future targets of companies with its value-creating software products such as the digital B2B procurement platform Pratis, the e-Transformation platform Edoksis, and the human resources digital solution platform HrWe, which provides operational and energy efficiency in the cement industry with advanced data analytics.

Reflecting what has not yet been discovered and the multiplier effect of the digital with the “X” on its brand name, SabancıDx is the all-time digital journey companion of all companies aiming for the future with its value-oriented approach.




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