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New Generation Performance Management Application


Perfx, the new member of our digital human resources solution family,
Perfx is a new generation performance management platform that is fully compatible with your strategies and goals, facilitates continuous feedback and performance measurement throughout the year, can create milestones based on targets and manage task management processes.

New Generation Performance Management Application Fully Compatible with Your Values ​​and Strategy - Perfx

Perfx, is the new member of SabancıDx's digital human resources solution family, which has pioneered the digitalization of companies' human resources processes for 18 years. As the trends in the world of work changes.

Perfx has been developed to provide the best solution to human resources professionals and employees by focusing on the trends in human resources, the latest technologies and user experience.

It puts the real-time employee experience into the foreground by creating a culture of feedback and forward feedback in the organization's success with common goals, easy monitoring of employees' performances and career development.

Perfx not only provides managers and HR professionals with a continuous and easily manageable process in performance management, but also facilitates employees' adoption of it.

With its high technology and infrastructure, Perfx supports mobile access as well as web compatibility, allowing the user to instantly monitor processes from anywhere.

  • Determining Goals and Competencies, Evaluation
  • Employee and Manager Comments
  • Transparency in internal goals
  • Back and Forward Feedback
  • Goal Proposition and Attribution
  • Milestones

HR Managers will love the "Next Generation Performance" management

  • Collaborative competence and company strategy libraries to support development
  • Competency assignment matrices
  • Period-based Approval flows, exceptional approval processes and collective approval processes
  • Ability to differentiate performance form parameters according to employee groups
  • With the form proposition structure, the correct form match with the correct employee​
  • Customizable notification contents and instant mobile application notifications​
  • Current form follow-up of employees​
  • Powerful reporting and analysis features

End-to-End, Continuous Performance Management​

  • High technology and infrastructure
  • Advanced data security​
  • ​Ease of access with cloud solution​
  • ​Easy integration with different solutions
  • Mobile app
  • Interface that supports the next generation user experience​
  • Rich functionality
  • Parametric and flexible structure​
  • Strong analysis and reporting​
    • Data warehouse and offline reporting
    • Dashboards designed for administrators
    • Flexible reporting ability​​
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