Our dream when we brought SabancıDx Digital Campus to live was;

To create an ecosystem based on academy-private sector-industry-startup collaboration, encouraging different ideas, focused on innovation and creating sustainable value.

With its campus that offers a future beyond the ordinary to the stakeholders it houses with its creative vision and inspiring nature, and reflects the vision of “Next Generation’s Sabancı”; we dreamed of a next generation work environment that embraces business world, students, startups, professionals and academicians, basically everyone, and feeds on the synergy of its stakeholders.

Next Generation Business

With SabancıDx Digital Campus, we also brought to life the next generation business understanding ,with agile working principle and garage culture.
The campus has the facilities to bring out startup culture and new ideas, also for over 300 SabancıDx employees, more than half of which are engineers. In the campus layout, where different ideas are heard and which is based on diversity, mobility, sharing and collaboration are encouraged by open offices.

24/7 Living Innovation Mentality

Digital Campus is a center of attraction for Generations Y and Z with its 24/7 living innovation mentality.
As SabancıDx, with the mission to be the digital conscience of Sabancı Group and catalyst of transformation, we brought the Digital Campus to live in 2019.The SabancıDx Digital Campus, which we constructed over 15 acres of land in the center of Istanbul, is comprised of 9 buildings in horizontal architecture.
Apart from the campus office and meeting areas with 5,632 m² indoor area, the common work area belonging to the R&D Center, Operations Center, Catalist Startup Program and Sabancı University is also included.
Construction was started in May 2019 and the campus was completed in record time in 4 months. With renovation and design works that did not harm a single branch, a concept fitting of the brand identity and promise was developed, and SabancıDx employees in 3 different locations were united in this new center.

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