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Stay One Step Ahead in the Digital Transformation Process with SabancıDx Corporate Data Center Solutions

Stay One Step Ahead in the Digital Transformation Process with SabancıDx Corporate Data Center Solutions

With its above 40 years of experience and innovative approach in the IT services sector, SabancıDx aims to become the strongest solution partner of all companies aiming at the future in various scopes and levels at international standards.

Companies can meet their current IT needs through SabancıDx with an outsourcing model without any investments and without requiring any extra in-house expertise. This will allow companies that keep up with the changing times access services in various fields from the server hosting services to ERP application management services; from cloud services to managed security services.

The Corporate Data Center operating 24/7 uninterruptedly where companies can host their critical business applications and data securely, and which consists of reliable, continuous and redundant infrastructure components is based on our Tier3 standards-compatible data centers in Istanbul and Ankara.

Hosting Services

The uninterrupted operation of servers and services and the high levels of accessibility are among the most important objectives of companies, especially the IT departments. Data centers that operate with uninterrupted and redundant systems are the first step towards this objective. The 2 Data Centers we provide as SabancıDx are monitored with 24/7 motion-sensitive cameras and ambient monitoring sensors, and energy and cooling infrastructure are provided with redundancy. Our Data Centers are communication service provider independent and our customers can receive services through their preferred Telecommunication Service Providers.

24/7 Monitoring Services

We continuously monitor your systems to ensure that your critical servers, business applications, network devices, and processes operate uninterruptedly 24/7, and in case of any problems, inform the relevant teams to ensure immediate intervention, thereby contributing to business continuity. We take preventive actions thanks to proactive monitoring tools and take precautions against possible failures of the systems and share our suggestions for permanent solutions with our customers. In line with the demands of our customers, we transform the reports produced daily, weekly and monthly periods by our monitoring systems with readable, meaningful data and share with our customers.

24/7 Proactive Service Monitoring and Management Infrastructure

We monitor and record abnormal changes in the infrastructure components of all systems and applications that we host in our Data Center or provide remote management services with our 24/7 monitoring tools. Measuring the performance metrics of critical applications, we ensure the identification of data in which issues that may cause performance problems can be identified in advance. As well as specific monitoring metrics on the customer or application side, we associate the service levels of performance and accessibility monitoring with critical business applications or services, monitor and measure these in different service windows, and report to our customers.

Application Performance Monitoring and Management

Application Performance Management (APM) is the process of managing the performance, availability, and user experience of applications. APM provides an end-to-end overview of potential bottlenecks and service breakdowns by monitoring the end-users, the systems that support the software application, and the transaction performance speed on the network infrastructure. This provides the best service for the practical speed, reliability and other performance measures of an application.

As SabancıDx, we provide Application Performance Management and Monitoring services in the following scope;

• Local, DMZ, blade, ESX, firewall, WAN, Internet traffic analysis,
• Determining whether the problem arises from network, application or server after mirroring the traffic,
• Data analysis based on the amount of traffic forwarded in retrospective analysis,
• Analysis of all kinds of performance, interruption and slowness problems,
• Real-time analysis

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing service is the provision of services such as processor, server, storage, database, network, software and data analytics to the customers in a Pay-Per-Use model in a Fast, Easy, Flexible and Scalable way. Cloud technologies reduce your operating costs by up to 60% - 70%, allowing you to use your infrastructure more effectively and at the same time, to create solutions that can be sized to your business needs.

Integrating our data center with public cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure, we, SabancıDx, create solutions for our customers suitable for different usage scenarios.
1) Data Center Solutions: Special cloud solutions for applications that require corporate data to remain within the borders of the country due to customer-specific regulation
2) Public Cloud Solutions: Solutions offered to customers through public cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure
3) Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Solutions where public cloud services and data center services are used together

Cloud Computing Services provided by SabancıDx:
• Cloud transformation consultancy services and project management
• Management of cloud services (management of security, access authorization, automation, capacity planning, network, etc. services)
• Management of applications running on cloud system at operating system, security, database, and middle-tier level

Data Backup Services

We protect your corporate data, which is the most important value of your organization, against possible hardware problems, human errors and cyber-security threats. In order to ensure business continuity, we back up all the systems requested by our customers in accordance with the data backup policies of our customers and perform pack tests, and, if requested, we securely store the data in our remote Data Backup Centers in order to prevent the data from being affected by possible disaster situations.

User Backup Service

We ensure that business-critical data on end-user devices of your organization (PC, NB, Tablet, Smartphones) are automatically backed up to private cloud infrastructure according to the corporate policy, data sharing between devices and protection of data.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Service

One of the most significant risks for organizations is to ensure that systems that ensure business continuity are made re-operational in the targeted time with the fastest and zero/minimum data loss in disaster times. The services we provide within this context;

SabancıDx Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services;
• Preparation of Disaster Recovery Plans
• Conducting Disaster Recovery Tests at least Once a Year
• Providing the Necessary Consultancy Services for the Creation of Business Continuity Plans
• Providing "Emergency Center" Infrastructure
• Providing a Communication Infrastructure
• Ensuring that the Data is Backed Up in Data Centers Located at Different Points and Providing Regular Checks

The most critical point in disaster recovery service is the quality of the tests performed. With these tests conducted with the active participation of our customers, the scenarios in which all critical business processes can be tested are produced, the interruptions and data loss that may occur in case of a disaster are measured and rehearsals in which the process is managed through the Emergency Center and the system is made re-operational are performed. The results obtained with these rehearsals are reflected in the plans and re-checked in the next test process.

Providing Server and Infrastructure

While the IT infrastructure needs of organizations vary, they can increase or decrease rapidly depending on time or workload. It is a hard and costly process for organizations to provide this flexibility with their own resources. At this exact point, SabancıDx provides fast solutions by providing all the infrastructure needs of its customers as a scalable service (IaaS). New infrastructure or growth demands are provided with a flexible leasing model.

Servers are infrastructure services that we provide in the form of storage areas and load balancers in different performances in virtual and physical dimensions.

Operating System Management

Operating system management is of paramount importance due to critical business applications running on it. Within this scope, we provide 24/7 uninterrupted service with our employees who are experts in Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, and AS400 operating systems.

Operating System Management Services provided by SabancıDx;
• Setup
• Monitoring
• Performance Monitoring and Management
• Authorization
• Patch Management
• Clustering Configuration and Management
• Version Upgrades
• Troubleshooting
• User Management

Active Directory Services and Messaging Management

One of the leading services in the current needs of organizations is identity management and messaging service. With the widespread use of cloud computing services, these messaging services, which can be received as a service, need to be managed effectively and securely.

AD and Messaging Services Management Services Provided by SabancıDx;
• AD Services Management - AD Replication, AD Sites
• User - Group - OU Management
• Group Policy Management
• Security Policy Management
• AD Roles Management
• ADFS Management
• DNS Management
• Exchange Systems Management
• DAG and Cluster Management
• Management of Mail System Policies and Rules
• Office 365 Management
• Antivirus Management for Messaging Systems

Database Management Services

SabancıDx provides 24/7 traditional and open-source databases management support with its expert staff.

Supported Database and Technologies
Oracle (RAC, Active Data Guard), Oracle Exadata, Oracle E-Business Suite, SQL Server (Alwayson, Log Shipping Replication Solutions), MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RedisDB, AWS RDS Services

Database Management Services Provided
• Installation and Configuration
• Update and Upgrade
• Database Backup and Restoration
• Data Transfer Services Between Databases (Export/Import, Object Replication)
• Database Migration
• Database Consolidation
• Database Security Services
• Database Management (Object Management, User and Authority Management, Statistics Management)
• Database Monitoring
• Data Archiving and Deleting Historical Data
• Audit Management
• Health Screening Services

Application and WEB Server Management Services

SabancıDx provides 24/7 traditional and open-source application and web server management support with its expert staff.

Supported Technologies
Oracle Weblogic, Oracle ESB, and SOA Suite, IBM Websphere, JBoss, Apache / Apache Tomcat, Microsoft IIS, Kafka, Nginx, Graylog, Elasticsearch, Fuse, ActiveMQ, Apiman, Apache ZooKeeper, Keycloak, SonarQube

Application and Web Management Services Provided
• Installation and Configuration
• Update and Upgrade
• Backup and Restoration
• Application Configuration Export/Import
• Migration
• Application Consolidation
• Security Services
• Service-Based Management with SLAs and KPIs
• Proactive Monitoring
• Integration
• Health Screening Services

SAP Basis Services

SabancıDx provides Basis support to all SAP applications and components with its experienced consultants. Within this context, we provide secure, up-to-date, redundant and highly-available end-to-end management of the SAP systems of our customers. We proactively monitor your systems 24/7 and solve the problem before it occurs, and work with the goal of high customer satisfaction.

You can manage the SAP Solution Manager configurations in such a way that they will be compatible with ITIL processes of your SAP applications.

You can contact us for the advanced SAP Basis Services listed below and more.

• SAP Basis Management with SLAs and KPIs for all SAP Modules and Components
• SAP HANA Installation, Upgrade and Migration
• Client, Homogeneous or Heterogeneous System Copying
• OS/DB Migration Service for All Platforms
• Establishing an Emergency Center and Backup Strategies
• Sizing and Architectural Support
• SAP Solution Manager Configuration and Integration
• Proactive 24/7 Service Monitoring and Performance Tuning

SAP HANA Services

SAP HANA, which is an in-memory technological product, stands for "High-Performance Analytic Appliance," which enables the analysis of large volumes of detailed information collected and produced in operations.

SAP HANA platform refers to the distributed in-memory data platform. Using this technology, companies can perform high-volume transactions in a short time and use real-time analytical data. SAP HANA, which is the next generation data platform, has been specially developed for companies to allow them to develop their businesses in a faster, more agile and efficient way. For a long time, companies have resorted to many different technologies for their operational, reporting and analytical processes and various applications. These technologies have always caused obstacles in terms of supporting real-time data sharing. The distributed in-memory data platform provided by SAP HANA has many new and unique features to overcome these obstacles. With this technology, the need to invest in software and hardware more than necessary is eliminated, the complexity of integrated systems is reduced and the efficiency of IT employees is increased.

As SabancıDX, we provide SAP HANA technology as a service to our customers and provide the following advantages.

• Reducing IT costs,
• Real-time analysis of data with in-memory technology,
• The ability to use together with rapid reporting tools,
• Easily access to and processing of information,
• Faster updating capability,
• Capability of making continuously up-to-date applications with a flexible platform

Firewall Management (Dedicated/Shared)

Firewall Management provides security at the level of dedicated or shared access at the data center or the customer side according to the project details in order to protect the information assets. In order to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your information, we work with the products of leading companies in the sector!

All rules and policies are installed centrally on the devices.

Although an organization-specific security infrastructure can be established, optional redundant structures can also be used to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system.

Service components are monitored 24/7 through centralized management systems.

IPS/IDS Management (Dedicated/Shared)

Within the scope of IPS/IDS Management, the signatures the attacks to your systems over the Internet and Intranet are identified through databases and they can be blocked to protect your servers against attacks.

In order to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your information, we work with the products of leading companies in the sector!

Although an organization-specific security infrastructure can be established, optional redundant structures can also be used to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system.

Service components are monitored 24/7 through centralized management systems.

URL Filtering/Proxy (Dedicated/Shared)

The organizations are allowed to block access to websites that do not comply with company policies with URL Filtering Services. Within the scope of proxy service, corporate networks are protected against malicious software and codes such as Spyware etc. with the web-based Antivirus located on the common proxy server. There is no need to install any software on the user computers since this is a gateway level solution.

In order to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your information, we work with the products of leading companies in the sector!

Although an organization-specific security infrastructure can be established, optional redundant structures can also be used to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system.

Service components are monitored 24/7 through centralized management systems.

SSL VPN service

The users can connect to the corporate communication network remotely and securely within the scope of SSL VPN Service. Within this context, dedicated SSL VPN device run in integration with the Active Directory services of the organizations, enabling group-based access definitions. The service can also work together with the OTP service if desired.

Although an organization-specific security infrastructure can be established, optional redundant structures can also be used to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system.

Service components are monitored 24/7 through centralized management systems.

AntiVirus/AntiSpam (Dedicated/Shared)

Within the scope of AntiVirus/AntiSpam Service, it is intended to prevent the access of possibly malicious software such as spam, Virus, Trojan, etc. in the e-mails received over the Internet to the corporate network. Thus, the access of all harmful e-mails is prevented at the Internet entrance, and clean and secure e-mails are delivered to the institution.

AntiVirus/AntiSpam Service can be provided as a dedicated service if desired, but optional redundant structures that will ensure uninterrupted operation of the system can also be used.

Service components are monitored 24/7 through centralized management systems.

DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack) Prevention Service

Within the scope of DDOS Prevention Service, DDOS prevention service is provided through the service provider in order to prevent a volumetric DDOS attack for servers accessible through the Internet.

DDOS Prevention Service can be provided as a dedicated service if desired, and protection types can be used for different scenarios.

Service components are monitored 24/7 through centralized management systems.

Load Balancing Service/WAF Service

Within the scope of Load Balancing Service / WAF Service, the heavy traffic generated by web services are directed to different servers, thereby the response time of requests to the server is reduced and load distribution is applied.

If requested, malicious access services included in the requests can also be blocked with WAF Service.

Although an organization-specific security infrastructure can be established, optional redundant structures can also be used to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system.

Service components are monitored 24/7 through centralized management systems.

Proactive Threat Monitoring and Log Management Service

Within the scope of Proactive Threat Monitoring and Log Management Service, it is aimed to proactively monitor and monitor systems 24/7 in order to determine and prevent the incidents against the possible security incidents that may occur in the communication and information technologies infrastructure of the organizations in advance. In addition, it will be possible to keep the log records as required by the law and to report them when required pursuant to the legal obligations set forth by the Compliance Law No. 5651.

Proactive Threat Monitoring Service

• 24/7 instant monitoring of threats that may occur on the associated logs from IBM's worldwide Security Operations Centers and taking action against identified threats
• Using the world's largest database of threats and security vulnerabilities, taking precautions against the risks that may occur with the associated rule sets
• Performing retrospective and real-time threat analysis
• While the IBM X-Force research team is investigating and monitoring security vulnerabilities and attacks around the world, taking proactive measures in the presence of these vulnerabilities in the existing collected logs
• Receiving weekly and monthly Trend Analysis reports including policy exceptions and user behavior trends

Log Management Service

Some of the Log Management Services We Provide;
• Collecting logs kept by the customer in a central database and making them accessible through a single web interface
• Storage of logs in accordance with Law 5651 and reporting if necessary
• Capability to expand the existing architecture in case log capacity increases
• The ability to create custom correlation rules from the logs collected for customer needs with the log correlation capability in the new SIEM infrastructure
• The capability of searching the desired logs from the web interface with the support of the reporting page

DLP service (Dedicated/Shared)

DLP (Data Loss/Leak Prevention) technology introduces valuable data such as budget files, competitor analysis, project documents, technical documents, research and development studies or databases, which are considered vital for companies, to the system, and will be able to prevent them from being stolen or transferred outside the company in accordance with company policy.

Centrally managed DLP system protects predefined resources and prevents the valuable data from being sent to other systems over applications (email, webmail, IM, P2P, Skype), network systems, physical devices (printers, USB memory, fax, CD/DVD) within the scope of integration.

SabancıDx service model can be provided in two different ways, which are;

• DLP Management and Monitoring Service: the model in which the customer infrastructure is managed and monitored
• DLP Monitoring Service Management: the model in which the customer infrastructure is managed by the customer and monitored by the service

Privileged User Secure Access Management

The management of passwords for privileged accounts and service accounts of organizations and recording of accesses to servers provides great advantages for institutions in facilitating security management and making it manageable, and in compliance with regulations.

SabancıDx provides protection and management service in an application system for the user/password information used in the Windows, Linux and Unix platforms of the customers.

Therefore, the users are prevented from consciously or unconsciously installing or running software, changing system settings, and thus attacks are prevented.

Service Delivery Managers

Our Service Delivery Managers provide communication and coordination between our customers and us. We monitor the services we provide to our customers in a way to manage them without any errors and problems according to service level targets and manage the operational processes. We provide coordination with the expert units so that in case of interruption of the service, they can be re-activated as soon as possible and to ensure the continuity of business processes. We regularly meet with our customers and offer our suggestions that will increase the service levels related to the services we offer and the productivity in terms of technological advances, and communicate the possible risks and new solutions.

Key Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

• Maintaining the balance between Workload and Application Performance with zero downtime, meeting the periodic capacity requirement automatically (end of month, campaign period, specific days) • Capability of accessing and using resources of any size

Cost Advantage:
• Ability to pay and use only when needed without having to invest in idle capacity
• Providing savings in data center operation and maintenance costs
• Ability to use the low-cost opportunity of large volume purchases

• Very fast activation of components required for your applications through automation services
• Providing time and cost advantage by automatizing the test and distribution processes for software developers

High Accessibility:
• Ability to run your application components without being affected by any disasters by running them on accessibility zones that support their own high-speed network infrastructure

• Ability to run your applications on the most suitable operating system and database in line with the capacity values you choose the services you want

Fast Adaptation to Next Generation Technologies:
• Ability to quickly adapt to next-generation technologies such as Data Analytics, Devops, Container Technologies, Serverless Architecture, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) with minimum cost

End-User Support Services

As well as the end-to-end data center services provided to organizations, as SabancıDX, we provide professional services in end-user support services with our experienced staff and provide added value to our customers thanks to our knowledge pool. Within the scope of end-user services, we provide service with our service desk (call center), field support teams and remote support teams. In addition to all these, we regularly share self-service solutions with our customers in line with today's trends and thus make the lives of end-users easier.

Support Services

We meet the notifications which delivered to our call center by end users, and provide quick solutions for known problems and requests via the phone.

For other issues, we register notifications in our service management application and share the relevant records with our expert groups in order to provide solutions.

In addition, we also inform our customers about the current status of the issues directed to the support teams.

In order to measure the quality of our service and to provide continuous service improvement, we conduct survey searches and take actions for the feedback of our customers.

Service Management Standards and Processes

We provide services to our customers with the support process we conduct within the framework of our ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 27001 certificates in order to keep our service quality at international standards. In line with these standards, we aim to continuously improve customer satisfaction, business continuity, information security, and company processes. We ensure that all malfunctions and requests received from our customers are recorded in our service management application and presented according to the service levels promised. With our dedicated process managers, we ensure that the operation is carried out within the framework of quality standards and that we provide regular auditing and measuring with indicators. Determining the areas to be improved with proactive analyzes we take preventive actions to prevent the occurrence of foreseeable events.

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