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Data Protection for Your Valuable Data

Just as your valuable assets need protection in the real world, so should your data and resources – that are your valuable assets on digital. One of the most important steps of digital transformation is to become aware of the value of your data and take precautions well in advance against such situations as data theft.

Today, when cyber-attacks and cybercrimes are becoming increasingly serious, data leakage protection consultancy is gaining in importance as one of the indispensable services for the protection and governance of a company’s important data and resources in digital media.

The Importance of Cyber Security Today

Cyber Threat is one of the most critical risks for the business world. The increase in the intensity of use of digital technologies in business processes, and the transfer of commercial activities, and economic and social relations online bring with them a rise in cyber attacks. In the rapidly developing and changing cyber world, attacks can cause great harm by taking a heavy toll on companies’ profitability, efficiency, and reputation. Studies show an increase in both the number of cyberattacks and the variety of methods used. All organizations are making great efforts to boost their cyber resilience in this threat-prone environment.

SabancıDx Cybersecurity Services and Benefits

Setting out with the aim of being the strongest solution partner of all companies aiming for the future, SabancıDx, offers a wide range of services in the field of Cyber Security with expertise and experience inherited from its past. It supports you to manage your resources more efficiently and to strengthen your security structure in the face of possible threats, with the services it provides for identifying and evaluating your corporate risks and taking the necessary actions.

Major Security Services

Next Gen Firewall /IPS /IDS, Email Protection, Web Protection & URL Filtering, Application Control & WAF, Load Balancer
“SabancıDx NextGen Firewall Service is our top pick for a NextGen firewall because it has all of the advantages of a cloud service while fully protecting your endpoints and services no matter where in the world they are located.”
IT Director

Value Added Security Services

DLP, XDR, NDR, DDoS Protection, Log Management, Security Monitoring
“DLP Service of SabancıDx is a very rare solution for nearly all common software. We use it for many of our software. After we started using it, we no longer had any concerns about data loss.”
Information Security Director


SabancıDx IoT / OT Security team offers Professional Services for the agentless IoT/OT security capabilities of Azure Defender for IoT.
  •   Asset discovery
  •   Vulnerability management
  •   Continuous threat monitoring
Incorporating IoT/OT-aware behavioral analytics from CyberX, Azure Defender for IoT integrates with existing SOC tools and is available for both on-premises and cloud-connected deployments. If you want to monitor and manage your OT /IoT environment with SOC capabilities, please contact.

Information Security Risk and Compliance Services

“SabancıDx helped us establish a compliance and security, that model for all of our future cloud projects.”

Cloud Security Services

“Service consultants provide enterprise-grade consultancy and management for our hybrid environment regarding to the assessments’ results.”
Information Security Director

OT/ IoT Security Services

“SabancıDx has a skilled team for different vendor’s technology. We became more convenient on IES 62443 in a short time interval with their agile approach.”
Head of Cyber Security

Security Operations & Incident Response Services

“SabancıDx Consulting Team helped us to build an effective hybrid Security Framework and trained for Incident Response procedures.”
Information Security Director

DevSecOps Services

“Innovative, easy to implement and even easier to maintain.”
IT Director

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