Business Continuity Policy

SabancıDx has established and implemented a management system that is fully compliant with ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Standard, in order to ensure business continuity in extraordinary situations that may cause interruptions in critical business functions. The main purpose of the Business Continuity Policy is to make SabancıDx critical operations functional within the recovery time objectives, specified in contracts signed with the customers.

Within this main purpose, after an incident that causes interruption in services the strategy to be followed in first response and business recovery will be based on the following sub-objectives:

  •   Ensuring human life and safety
  •   To continue the delivery of services within the acceptable time during a disruption for SabancıDx to achieve its strategic goals
  •   Activating operations as quickly as possible
  •   Managing risks that will damage the company’s reputation
  •   Creating action plans to ensure that critical IT operations and processes are reinstalled at an alternative pre-determined location in line with business requirements if necessary
  •   Ensuring compliance with laws, regulations on business continuity and the requirements of customer contracts
  •   Protecting the interests of key parties (Legal authorities, shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers)
  •   Managing internal and external communications and relations with the media

In order to increase the speed of the response and the decision points, the following issues have been addressed as important requirements for the Business Continuity Management System;

  •   To specify the necessary service level conditions in the supplier contracts with needed suppliers, to ensure that critical business processes and services are maintained with predetermined target times and priorities
  •   To perform works such as trainings, lessons, drills, meetings, periodical publications in order to increase the awareness of the employees and to ensure their participation in the studies and to impose the Business Continuity Management System into the corporate culture
  •   To correct and control the nonconformity with corrective actions and to ensure that the efficiency of the system is tested and continuously improved, when nonconformities arise in the Business Continuity Management System.