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When it comes to digital transformation, one of the most prominent applications is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, rapidly becoming widespread across all industries. RPA, preferred in many sectors from finance to retail, logistics to e-commerce, banking to insurance, offers companies opportunities such as faster execution of repetitive tasks, increased efficiency, improved quality, a stronger market position, and higher customer satisfaction. When applied correctly, RPA automates repetitive, manual, and routine tasks, enabling employees to dedicate more time to innovation and focus on strategic tasks.

The story behind why Türkiye Sigorta applied Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Public insurance and pension companies began operating under the umbrella of the Turkey Wealth Fund in 2020, merging as Türkiye Sigorta and Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik. The aim of these merging, was to accelerate reforms planned in the insurance and individual pension sectors and contribute to the establishment of a regional insurance leader from Turkey.
Alongside this process, standardization of the core systems used by six different companies, along with all business processes, became necessary. Türkiye Sigorta organized workshops aimed at analyzing operations of various departments such as sales, accounting, after-sales services, collections, compensation, and claims. They listened to the requirements and needs of these departments. They recognized that RPA could support all business units to ensure the fast and error-free execution of highly manual, repetitive and routine tasks in which rules and orders are clear. The aim was to reduce manual operations run by employees enabling them to focus more on strategic jobs. They got highly effective results through the roadmap we planned together. As RPA applications increased within the company and positive results emerged, employees who were initially hesitant towards RPA at the beginning, expressed a growing desire to increase the use of RPA in their workflows.
Reduced processing time
Increased efficiency up to 10 times
Conducted operations without interruption

The processing time halved, while efficiency increased by 10 times!

In line with the company's digital transformation strategy, Türkiye Sigorta prioritized its business processes by adopting a customer-centric approach to decide which processes to automate with RPA. By speeding up these processes, the company not only increased its efficiency but also enhanced customer satisfaction. Leveraging digital assistants performing tasks as real employees across various applications, content, and actions, we provided time saving to Türkiye Sigorta's damage, compensation, and finance departments with error-free and efficient digital workforce. After implementing RPA, Türkiye Sigorta reduced the processing time from 8 minutes to 3.5 minutes in a claim process which has high demand and lots of steps. In another workflow where a task was repeated 2,000 times per month by a single employee, despite a twofold increase in the process volume, there has been no interruption in the process thanks to RPA. The 24/7 functionality of RPA resulted in performance improvement up to 10 times for Türkiye Sigorta in some other processes.

“We plan to increase our RPA investments with a focus on profitability and customer satisfaction.”

Our company's commitment to adapting to continually evolving new technologies is a significant factor in setting our future goals. In our journey towards digitalization, we prioritize embracing innovative approaches to enhance both our operational excellence and efficiency. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) seamlessly aligns with our company's digitalization strategies. With RPA, we're not only integrating new technologies into our workflows but also creating opportunities for our colleagues to focus on value-added tasks by reducing manual operations. We find this strategic alignment crucial for optimizing our workflows, enhancing efficiency, and gaining a competitive advantage. In the next year, aligning with our goals focused on profitability and customer satisfaction, we plan to invest more in RPA to further leverage the advantages of this technology. We believe that our collaboration with SabancıDx will take us forward in achieving our strategic goals.
Türkiye Sigorta
Türkiye Sigorta and Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik; with 44 regional directorates, over 3,800 agencies, close to 5,000 bank branches, a workforce of over 3,000 experts, and a robust technological infrastructure, has a leading position in Turkish insurance sector. Providing insurance solutions to individuals, institutions, and the strategic assets of Türkiye in every aspect of life, their mission operates under the motto "Güvene ihtiyaç olan her anda: Türkiye Sigorta." Türkiye Sigorta offers a wide range of non-life insurance products, ranging from fire and natural disaster insurance to comprehensive coverage, accident insurance, and health insurance. On the other hand, Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik serves over 14 million customers with products and services in both individual and group life insurance, especially focusing on Private Pension System (BES) among other offerings.