SabancıDx and Microsoft establishing AI-Powered Hybrid Cloud Solution Center in Turkey

SabancıDx and Microsoft have inked a strategic cooperation agreement in cloud technologies. Having joined together to contribute to Turkey’s power in cloud technologies, SabancıDx and Microsoft are to offer hybrid cloud solutions for both the local and global needs of their customers. Additionally, the two companies will blaze a trail by offering the ecosystem in Turkey their hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence competencies through the Solution Center they will open.

SabancıDx, the leading technology company in Turkey, has announced the strategic cooperation agreement it signed with Microsoft in cloud technologies. Preparing to serve local companies for artificial intelligence-powered hybrid cloud, SabancıDx will also open a Solution Center with Microsoft in Turkey. Customers of these two companies will benefit from the advantages of Microsoft's Azure cloud solutions both globally and locally as a result of this collaboration.

The investment carried out thanks to the cooperation between SabancıDx and Microsoft will allow companies in Turkey to use Microsoft Azure's "public cloud" solutions, offered by data centers abroad, as a "hybrid cloud" on the Microsoft Azure Stack HCI SabancıDx will locally provide.

Opportunity to expand in geographical regions outside Turkey

SabancıDx, entitled as Microsoft's Direct Cloud Solution Provider with this agreement, will end-to-end provide the high-quality services that companies need for this field, leveraging its operational experience in managed services. It will also carry out the design and installation of artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The agreement signed between the parties also includes potential expansion opportunities for SabancıDx in Southeast Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East and Africa.

‘Artificial Intelligence-Powered Hybrid Cloud Solution Center’ to be opened

In the Solution Center to be established for the first time in Turkey to focus on artificial intelligence-powered hybrid cloud solutions as part of the cooperation, the IT units from the companies will work on, experience, and implement the solutions they need with the teams from SabancıDx and Microsoft.

The center, which aims to close the qualified human resource gap in the sector by providing skill-building programs for hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence besides supporting the companies in cloud transformations they will locally perform is also to promote cloud initiatives wishing to tap into global markets from Turkey and bring new talents to the ecosystem.

Stating that digital technologies are one of the driving forces behind Sabancı Holding's recent growth, and the Digital Strategic Business Unit formed within the Holding in this sense continues its activities without slowing down, Max Speur, Sabancı Holding's Digital Group President, said, "We carry out numerous significant investments revealing our determination in digital technologies. Accordingly, we are confident that this strategic partnership initiated by SabancıDx and Microsoft in cloud technologies will create great opportunities with our integrated value proposition in digital business.

“We are investing in Turkey’s cloud technology”

SabancıDx General Manager Tevfik Kor, who pointed out Turkey's serious potential in digital transformation and cloud computing today, when the critical importance of data is constantly increasing, stated: "Thanks to digitalization, cloud computing investments that support the global economy are also expanding day by day. In the last five years, the cloud market in total has reached $600 billion, up from $200 billion. The market volume is expected to exceed $1.2 trillion in the next five years. Given this potential in the market, we are setting off on a new journey with Microsoft to achieve our goals in cloud technologies and create new workforce areas. We will use the speed and agility of cloud technologies to accelerate our customers' digital transformations through the Artificial Intelligence-Powered Hybrid Cloud Solution Center we will establish at SabancDx Digital Campus as part of our investment in Turkey's cloud technology infrastructure.

Kristina Tikhonova, Microsoft's General Manager for Southeast Europe said, “Cloud-based technology investments are extremely important because they contribute to the country's digital transformation. We believe that many organizations will adopt cloud and artificial intelligence technologies and use these tools as a catalyst for economic growth, increased productivity, and social development thanks to this agreement, which heralds the journey Microsoft Türkiye and SabancıDx will set off on shoulder-to-shoulder. We appreciate SabancıDx's efforts in this field and are pleased to have expanded the scope of our business partnership with them."

Pointing out the hand-to-hand progress of cloud technologies and artificial intelligence technologies, Levent Özbilgin, General Manager of Microsoft Türkiye, stated: "The system we call the cloud is essentially a scale. The cloud is the key to effortlessly doing what we previously said ’can never be done or can only be done through tools such as supercomputers and quantum computers.' Cloud makes scaling possible as scaling makes artificial intelligence development possible. We express on all occasions that Turkey should use cloud technologies as leverage. We are pleased to make a significant contribution to both our country's cloud technologies infrastructure and the widespread use of cloud and artificial intelligence by SMEs and our corporate customers SabancDx will provide services for, thanks to our collaboration with SabancDx, which we believe will set a highly successful example in this field."