Our Management Structure

Max Speur

DxBV Chairman of the Board
Speur graduated from Technical Home-School Rijswijk BBA Mechanical Engineering & Business Administration department and received his master’s degree in MBA Technology Science and Management from University of Twente and in MBA Leadership Program in Mergers & Acquisition from Henley Business School. Max Speur having 30 years’ of experience within the Technology and IT Services Industry, started his career in 1992 at Royal Dutch Shell as a Finance & Marketing Analyst. From 1993 to 2001 he worked at Logica, at various management positions such as Account Manager KPN Unisource, Sales Manager, Director and Board of Directors at Telecom business line, and Director responsible for Continental Europe, respectively. He, then pursued his career at IBM. From 2001 to 2003, he worked at IBM Business Consulting Services as Partner-Managing Principal in Amsterdam, and from 2003-2005 at IBM Global Services, as Communication Sector Leader in Asia Pacific, Shanghai region. In 2005, Speur was appointed as Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services Vice President and Sales & Industry Leader in Singapore and Melbourne and continued his role until 2011. In 2011, he founded AT10TION Group and since then he acts as Founder and CEO of this group. Joining SunTec Business Solutions in 2012, he served as CCO & COO of responsible for UK, Singapore, UAE, USA, and India. In 2017, he is appointed as CEO of CCS Connects and pursued his role till 2021. Since 2021, Max Speur serves as Founder and CEO of AT10TION Group.

He has been acting as the Sabancı Holding Digital Businesses Group President and DxBV Chairman of the Board since March 2023.

Doğuş Kuran

SabancıDx General Manager
DxBV General Manager
Doğuş Kuran graduated from Electronics and Communication Engineering in 1995 and received his Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from Portland State University.

He started his professional life in 1998 as Companies and Customer Group Project Coordinator and Sales Manager in Alcatel. Between 2000-2008, he worked as Telecom, Corporations & Internet Business Solutions Group Manager and Telecom Industry Service Provider Group Sales Director in Cisco Turkey. He continued his career at Microsoft Turkey as Professional Services and Consultancy Group, Solutions and Services Sales Director. Afterwards, Doğuş Kuran has continued his professional career as Middle East and Africa Sales and Operation Vice President in Ericsson and as Managing Partner in Accenture Turkey and IGEM Region Communication, Media and Technology Group. Between 2015-2019, he worked as Vice President for Customer Experience and Digitalization & Analytics Center of Excellence in Turkcell. He founded his company Lancra Ltd. in 2020.

Doğuş Kuran has been acting as SabancıDx General Manager since April 2021 and DxBV General Manager since July 2022.

Doğuş Kuran is also Board member at Startup Borsa, Advisory Board member at heloland, and Board Member at SEM, Radiflow and Bulutistan.

Özlem Kalkan

SabancıDx Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
DxBV COO Marketing & Business Solutions
Özlem Kalkan, one of the first graduates of Sabancı University Microelectronics Engineering Department in 2003, completed the Telecommunications Engineering and Management Sciences Double Major Master’s Degree study at Sabancı University in 2005 and the Strategic Leadership program at Insead University in 2016.

Starting her professional life at Borusan Telekom as Value Added Services Manager during her Master’s study, she worked as Marketing and Business Development Vice President between 2005-2006 in Teletek Telecommunications Services and between 2006-2008 in Grid Telecommunication Services. She worked as Business and Product Development Group Manager in Global Communication Services between 2008-2010. Between 2010-2019 she worked as New Product Development Manager, Strategic Areas Manager, Strategic Business Partner Group Manager, Tivibu General Manager, and Product and Services Director, respectively in Türk Telekom group.

In April 2019, Özlem Kalkan joined SabancıDx family as Strategy and Sales Vice President (CSSO), and was appointed Sales and Product Development Vice President in February 2020. Özlem Kalkan has been working as Marketing and Sales Vice General Manager as of September 2021 and DxBV Marketing and Business Solutions Vice General Manager as of July 2022.

Özlem Kalkan is also Board member at Teknosa and WTech.

Tevfik Kor

SabancıDx Chief Digital Transformation Officer
DxBV COO Technology
Tevfik Kor received his bachelor's degree from the Industrial Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University in 1999.

Tevfik Kor starting his professional career as Consultant at Arthur Andersen/Ernst&Young in 2000 and worked as Project Manager at Siemens Business Services from 2004 to 2007. After his role as Account Manager in Consulting and System Integration Division of Hewlett-Packard between 2007-2010, Tevfik Kor was promoted as Business Solutions Manager. He worked as Industry Manager for Telecommunications, Finance and Energy, and as Standard Software Director in Atos between 2010-2015. Tevfik Kor worked in Teknosis from 2015 to 2018 as the founding partner.

Joining the SabancıDx team as Digital Transformation Director on December 2018, Tevfik Kor has been acting as the Vice General Manager for Digital Transformation as of September 2019 and DxBV Vice General Manager for Technology as of July 2022.

Ebru Yiğit

SabancıDx Finance Director
DxBV Finance Director
Ebru Yiğit completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Marmara University, Faculty of Economy (English) in 2006. In 2021, she completed Sabancı University EMBA program.

She has started her career as Inspector in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in 2006 and served as Global Finance Expert at Kordsa Global between 2008-2012, Finance Manager at Sabancı Holding between 2012-2016, Commercial Finance Manager at Brisa between 2016-2019 and Financial Planning and Analysis Manager at Brisa between 2019-2021.

She has joined the SabancıDx family as Finance Director on September 2021.

Semin Köseoğlu

SabancıDx Employee Experience Director
DxBV Employee Experience Director
Semin Köseoğlu received her Bachelor’s Degree from Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Education in 2006, and continued her studies on Human Resources at Boğaziçi University.

She started working as Human Resources Specialist at McCann Erickson between 2008-2011 and worked as Human Resources Manager between 2011-2012. She continued her career as Strategic Human Resources Specialist, Recruitment and Organizational Development Team Leader and then Organizational Development Manager in Enerjisa between 2012-2018. She worked as Borusan Academy Training and Development Manager at Borusan Holding between 2018-2019.

Having joined the SabancıDx as Human Resources Manager on February 2019, Semin Köseoğlu has been working as the Employee Experience Group Manager since February 2020 and DxBV Employee Experience Director since July 2022.

Ceren Önen

SabancıDx Business Development Director
DxBV Strategy and Business Development Director
Ceren Önen graduated from the Industrial Engineering Department of İstanbul Technical University in 1999.

Having started his career as Management Consultant at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting in 1999, he worked in strategy, process and organization development projects in various industries between 2003-2005. He joined Turkcell in 2005 for product strategy design, product management, project management in telecommunications, media and value added services, taking part in the actualization of innovative products and services targeting both end users and corporations. Afterwards, Ceren Önen offered consultancy services for corporations on entrepreneurship and start-up/scale-up collaborations as of 2014. He executed entrepreneurship programs in finance, services and production industries and supported companies in the areas of innovation strategy, design and business development with start-ups.

He has been working in the SabancıDx family as the Business Development Group Manager as of June 2019 and DxBV Strategy and Business Development Director as of July 2022.

Nur Yalçıner Kılıç

SabancıDx Legal, Risk and Compliance Group Manager
DxBV Legal, Risk and Compliance Group Manager
Graduating from İstanbul Yeditepe University, Faculty of Law in 2006, Nur Yalçıner Kılıç received her LLM Master’s Degree on International Trade and Arbitration Law at Queen Mary College, University of London.

Starting her professional career as an advocate in law offices offering legal advice to international corporations in various industries such as technology, retail and construction, she has provided companies legal consultancy in the fields of business law, trade law, agreements, execution and arbitration. She worked as in-house Legal Advisor at Vaillant Group between 2013-2017. She joined BİMSA as Legal Department Manager in 2017.

Nur took on the duty of SabancıDx Legal Manager in 2019, and has been serving as the Legal, Risk and Compliance Manager as of 2020 and DxBV Legal, Risk, Compliance Group Manager as of July 2022.