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Smart Solution for the Cement Industry

Advanced Data Analytics for Energy Optimization
In addition to enabling saving and standardization in the use of energy in production processes within the cement industry, CDx optimizes all operations and offers a unique technological innovation thanks to artificial intelligence.

Smart Solution for the Cement Industry-CDx

CDx is an Artificial Intelligence solution which minimizes our costs in cement production processes, covering each production step and enabling efficiency and energy optimization. Thanks to its modular and flexible structure, the solution creates end-to-end value for cement manufacturers in a very short time period.

CDx is the ideal solution for cement firms aiming at obtaining outputs meeting the desired quality standards, increasing the efficiency in production and decreasing the costs by utilizing advanced technologies in order to compete in today’s circumstances.

  • Mill Optimization
  • Kiln Optimization
  • Raw Material Optimization
  • Production Optimization

End-to-End Efficiency and Optimization

CDx Creates Value with Advanced Data Analytics

CDx optimizes the use of energy, comprising approximately 65% of the cost of cement production, in 3 main processes:

  • Raw meal production from raw materials in raw meal mills
  • Clinker production from raw meal in kiln
  • Cement production from clinker in cement mills

Observance of intensive data obtained through production processes and management of the machines manually based on these observations is directly proportional to operators’ experiences and knowledge. However, today, personal experience and knowledge is not adequate to take the best decisions by assessing the variables.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Cement Production

And at this point, CDx organizes the control variables automatically with Artificial Intelligence and decreases the machine and human errors. CDx utilizes all sensor data and external data that is worth tracking and enables an optimum level of auto-control for efficiency. Thus, each mill and kiln operates in the most efficient way based on its specific characteristics, and optimum cost is obtained.

  • Higher Quality
  • Cost Estimation
  • Realization of Production Targets
  • Cost Minimization
  • Continuous Development with Machine Learning
  • System Stabilization
  • Decrease in Machine and Human Errors
  • Operators More Motivated by Dealing with Value-Added Tasks

Ideal Production, Optimum Energy, Minimum CO2 Emission

CDx analyzes thousands of data lines it generates from instantaneous stream of sensor data. It continuously monitors the process, resolves the relationship between the variables and the process performance with artificial intelligence and optimizes the process by adjusting the parameters in frequency per minute.

CDx decreases the CO2 emission in unit production by increasing the efficiency; thus, contributes to sustainability.

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